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Admission information


Once your intervention has been scheduled, it is likely that some questions arise that we will try to address next. If you need more information, you can contact us by phone or e-mail.
  • What is a preoperative study? Can I do it in the same clinic?
  • Should I inform my doctor about regular medication?
  • What documentation should I bring the day of admission?
  • What is the Consent for Surgery?
  • How should I prepare before coming to the hospital?
  • What should I do when I get to the hospital?
  • What should I do after the intervention?
  • When will I be discharged?
  • What other services does the clinic have?
  • What can I do if there are any complications once I was discharged?

To reduce the risks associated with any surgical procedure, a preoperative study will need to be performed to verify that your state of health is not contraindicated for the intervention. It can be carried out in Mi Tres Torres calling us at 935153121 (call for appointment from Monday to Thursday from 9 am to 7 pm and Friday from 9 am to 1 pm).

Inform your doctor of any medication you are taking, with the name of the medication, dose, frequency and route of administration. It is possible that in a scheduled admission, the doctor suspends some of your medications. Follow the instruction provided, since the actions of some drugs can interfere on coagulation or blood sugar levels. When you arrive at the clinic, do not take any medication that is not supervised or managed by the nurses. For your safety and to avoid mistakes, all orders relating to pharmacological treatments are managed by the pharmacy service.

The day of admission you must bring the following documents:
• Preoperative study and any other tests or complementary examinations requested by your doctor.
• Authorization and card from your insurance company.
• ID Card.
• “Clinical Records” Document.
• Consent for surgery.
• Name, dose, and frequency of the medications you take regularly.

The 21/2000 law of December 29th, on the rights of information relating to health and to the autonomy of the patient and clinical documentation, establishes that you have to authorize in writing for surgery, anesthesia, transfusion of blood or blood products and/or any other invasive procedure. After giving all the necessary information and clarifying all your questions, the doctor will ask you to sign a document named “Consent for surgery”, with which you will authorize him to perform the proposed actions on you. This document can be revoked at any time. If you would like a copy of the document signed by you, you can request it at the Admissions desk at the time of admission or from your doctor.

To reduce complications it is convenient to keep a balanced diet during the preoperative period. In order to avoid vomiting, you should start fasting at least 6 hours before the procedure, or according to the indications of your doctor. Alcohol and/or tobacco consumption 24 hours prior to the intervention, as well as any type of hair removal or use of body lotion after showering, is not recommended. It is compulsory that you shower at home on the day of the intervention with chlorhexidine soap, which you can buy at your local pharmacy.
We advise you to prepare a suitcase with essential clothing and personal hygiene items. Please refrain from bringing jewelry and valuables to the clinic.

At the reception desk, our administrative staff will collect some personal data and you will receive a notification through SMS when it is time for you to go to the Admissions desk and proceed with the admission. Your companion will also receive a notification via SMS when the intervention is finished. On each floor there is a nursing team that will take care of you with the treatment set by your doctor. All the rooms of the clinic are individual, with a private bathroom and a sofa bed for your companion. It is advisable that your companions remain in the room that has been assigned to you during the surgical intervention.

After your stay in the Recovery Unit, you will be transferred again to your room or discharged, in the case of outpatient surgery. In some occasions, the complexity of the intervention or the clinical state of the patient make advisable his/her entry into the Monitoring Unit. In this case, the room that was assigned to you in the Inpatient Unit must be cleared out. If this circumstance were to happen unexpectedly, you and your family members or companions will be informed appropriately. If pain or any discomfort arise during the postoperative period, check with your nurse. Your companion will receive a notification via SMS when the intervention is finished.

Your doctor and the nursing team will provide all the information you need regarding medication and actions to take in all aspects relating to your health and well-being. To be discharged, you will have to check out before noon, at 12 pm. Otherwise, the clinic reserves the right to charge the additional stay time to the patient. If you want to leave the clinic without medical release, you will need to request and sign the voluntary discharge document. To finalize the paperwork, you will need to go to admissions and deliver the discharge report.

Mi Tres Torres has cafeteria, TV in every room and Wi-Fi. In addition, the Department of Patient Care is at your disposal for any other instances.

Mi Tres Torres has a 24 hours emergency department where a physician will assist you immediately, and if necessary he/she will get in touch with your doctor.

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